Jumat, 21 Juni 2013


1. Who the ancestral being and what they eat? 2. Which is correct? Humans came from monkeys or apes descended from humans. 3. Possible collisions between planets in the sky could be predicted ? 4. Is it true that western nations (bani israel) is the strongges creatures and how to defeat it ? 5. True age of the Eart can be measured and how ? 1. Ya'juj ma'juj humans are descendans name Kan'am and Kan'am a prophet nuh child.in historical was isolated in a remote by attacking man named Dzulkurnain.Who is it and Why he Dzulkarnain to isolate ?.Dzulkarnain is a man with two horns and have advantages over the common man.it is said that he was a humans extraordinary ability.According to history he never found the rising and setting of the sun (not weird>.Sunrise of the east side where that place ya'juj ma'juj stay.Population of ya'juj ma'juj larger that humans, their mortality rate is smaller than humans,they age much longer on overage than men an are more terrifying them cannibals, they eat of flesh of their ancestors who have died since the place is not anything else ,arid, barrens, regions like death.To avoid the extinction of the Eart'screature malignancy ya'juj ma'juj ,Dzulkarnain creat invisible protective eart.The protector is a simple but effective enough avoid axtinction.Could of be the atmosphere that protects the eart during this time was the work Dzulkarnain? if yes then the planetary rovers must be careful lest he find and break ya'juj ma'juj planets, when it's over already happened.